We invest in knowledge and education.

Kid Startupper is the first educational platform in the world, that teaches entrepreneurship to kids aged 10-14 years old, using the method of the first principles of Aristotle. It is ideally combined with the courses of educational robotics, so that students could make a step farther, by converting their innovative ideas and their robotic constructions, into their first startup business. Educational institutions that wishes to know more about our curriculum, can find out more here: KID STARTUPPER & Educational Robotics

We encourage kids to follow their dreams

What our curriculum offers:

28 chapters on entrepreneurship, using our innovative educational platform. Students attend our course for 1 hour per week (55 minutes of lesson + 5 minutes for questions). Students can interact with our platform, for 7 days a week and 13 hours a day. Most of the times schools starting courses early October and finishes at the end of June.

At the end of each school season and during summer, camps are organized and also taking place our entrepreneurship competition, named “Startup Hackathon for Kids”.

What the students have learned, when they will have complete our entrepreneurship course:

Through this innovative educational entrepreneurship platform and our curriculum, kids will be able:
- To choose their "favorite profession" and deal with it for the first time.
- To learn that entrepreneurship nowadays requires the use of new technologies and realize on their own how important this is.
- To create their first "complete professional CV".
- To learn to work on their favorite profession, by creating their first digital office and their own business.
- To look for partnerships for the business they wishes to create.
- To recruit employees for their office or business.
- To look for knowledge and ideas before realizing what they really want to do.
- To share the knowledge they have gained and share it with their classmates (give back).

The goal of our platform is to help kids unleash their talent and show off their entrepreneurial skills from a very young age. Moreover, to discover inclinations that they may have on a particular professional field and love things that may have been unknown to them until now.

How we combine Entrepreneurship with Educational Robotics.

How we achieve that:

1) We enable kids to engage in entrepreneurship and discover the basic principles on it. In this way, kids can combine entrepreneurship with educational robotics in order to create robotic constructions that will have as their ultimate goal their transformation into a startup business. The combination is ideal and so the curriculum of educational robotics acquires special interest for students and parents, with kids now making even more creative thoughts about their future.

2) Our platform contains an e-book with 28 chapters written on entrepreneurship. Our classes are usually scheduled to start, at the beginning of October and coming to an end, at end of June. The final goal is the STARTUP HACKATHON FOR KIDS competition, where kids will be able to present their constructions in combination with educational robotics when they finish our curriculum. Kids are about to deliver their "business plan" and also to perform a "Pitching" about their business idea, always in combination with the constructions they created in educational robotics. During this process, the most innovative ideas and constructions will be rewarded, that could possible be "funded" in future by "investors".

3) The platform gives us the opportunity to all students involved in educational robotics, to have a strong online presence and business-professional profile on the Internet.

4) Kids who will develop their robotic construction into a business, will have the opportunity to promote their business nationwide or even worldwide to all kids who are active on our platform. In this way, what they create in educational robotics curriculum acquires much greater value.

5) Kids interact with each other and discovering what other kids are doing in their own country, or even in other countries. This is even more interesting for educational robotics institutions, because they see constructions and businesses that create kids in other educational institutions across the country, or even worldwide.

6) It is possible for robotics educational institutions to collaborate on projects for the first time with other institutions, throughout the country or even worldwide online.

7) All of these with very strong security. At KID STARTUPPER we have invested a lot in this (learn more here).

We are constantly investing in our scientific and educational staff:

We are constantly investing in the training of our teachers, as well as in the implementation of pioneering and innovative practices. That's why the authors of our books participate in global conferences on entrepreneurship and new technologies in education. Our platform was designed and completed after the participation of KID STARTUPPER in the largest conferences (Web Summit, Webit, etc) in the world for youth entrepreneurship and new technologies.