Freelance Teachers


One-on-one classes

Deliver an engaging learning experience through one-on-one instruction.

Flexible schedule

Customize your work hours and teach whenever it suits you best.

Teach from anywhere

Escape the daily commute and enjoy the freedom to teach from any location.

Great earnings

Maximize your earnings by working from home, doing what you love.

Essentials to Begin: Establishing Your Virtual Classroom

Desktop or Laptop Required:

To conduct classes, you'll need a desktop or laptop. Please note, our platform does not support mobile phones or tablets.

High-Speed Internet Required:

Ensure a seamless teaching and learning experience with a fast and stable internet connection.

HD Webcam Required:

Ensure clear communication with students by using a high-definition webcam.

Quality Microphone Essential:

Ensure clear communication with students by using a high-quality microphone for crisp sound.


Get started with Kid Startupper: Teacher Training Academy

Begin your basic training in child entrepreneurship and the educational platform of Kid Startupper.

It includes a basic session lasting 1-2 hours via teleconference, during which you will be trained by the specialized educational staff of KID STARTUPPER. The platforms you can use are:


We offer rich educational material that you can use for every lesson. This includes:

 Lesson plans
 Printable PDF materials


1) Student Search: As an educator, you can find your students (aged 10 to 15) and invite them to participate in entrepreneurship lessons on the KID STARTUPPER platform.

2) Lesson Organization: You have the option to organize your lessons with one or more students, whom you can also add into groups. Lessons can be conducted either from your personal space or online, using platforms such as Google Meet, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc.

3) Clarifying Platform Costs and Instructor Payments: The platform is free for freelance teachers. You can set the price of your lessons. The platform charges $200 per study cycle for each student (with a maximum duration of 12 months). You add to this amount the price you set as an educator for your lessons. Each study cycle includes 22 lessons.

For example: if you charge $20 per hour and since each study cycle includes 22 hours of lessons, then the cost for a student will be: $200 (for the platform) + $440 (22 hours x $20) = $640 cost per study cycle for each of your students. The student pays the amount of $200 in advance to gain access to the platform and arranges payments with you (per month/per lesson, etc.).

4) Account Activation: After the student's payment of $200 to the platform, you can start the lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions

To become a freelance teacher with Kid Startupper, you need to have experience or a degree in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) or educational robotics teaching.

We require freelance teachers to have a background in STEAM education or educational robotics teaching. Having a degree in education is also preferred.

As a freelance teacher on Kid Startupper, you can teach entrepreneurship to children.

You can apply to become a freelance teacher by submitting your application through our website. Be sure to include details about your teaching experience and qualifications in STEAM or educational robotics.

Yes, freelance teachers are responsible for finding their own students to teach on the Kid Startupper platform. Once accepted, you can promote your services and connect with potential students through various channels.

Kid Startupper provides a platform for freelance teachers to create and deliver online lessons. We also offer support and resources to help you create engaging and effective teaching materials.

Yes, we have a screening process to ensure that freelance teachers meet our qualifications and standards. This may include an interview and review of your teaching credentials.

Currently, Kid Startupper primarily offers lessons in English. However, if you are proficient in another language and can find students who prefer instruction in that language, you may be able to teach in languages other than English.