We empower education, we teach entrepreneurship.

KID STARTUPPER is the first interactive educational platform in the world that teaches entrepreneurship to school students (10-14 years old), using the method of "First Principles" by Aristotle.

The platform

Kid Startupper, is an online educational platform that aims to develop children's creativity, imagination and craftsmanship on entrepreneurship. Our platform aims to teach kids both entrepreneurship and e-business. Our educational platform operates after the students' enrolment in the respective course attendance classes that are completed in almost 9 months. Our innovative educational platform has been inspired by conclusions at global conferences on new technologies in education (WEBIT, WEB SUMMIT, TED Talks, ENTREDU) and has also been presented in the 5th International Conference for the Promotion of Educational Innovation (EEPEK 2019).

Through this innovative educational platform students will have the opportunity:
  • To choose their "favorite profession" and live an experimental simulation on it, gaining at the end an experiential knowledge on it.
  • To learn that entrepreneurship nowadays requires the use of new technologies and realize by themselves the importance of this issue.
  • To learn how to create their first full "professional resume".
  • To learn to work on their favorite profession, by creating their first digital virtual business.
  • To learn how to look for partnerships for their business. They also learn to look for and locate dynamic executives who will help them grow their business.
  • To learn how to seek and discover knowledge and ideas before deciding what they really want to do (First Principle Method).
  • To learn to share the knowledge they have gained and exchanging them with their classmates (Ethos).


Our Story

The idea for the creation of this educational platform started in 2011. In 2014 it was presented to more than 3 international conferences held in Europe. From 2017 until today, the platform has received 3 major upgrades, while in September 2021 another upgrade was made which allows students to register from home and attend classes individually.


Τhe idea was born




KID STARTUPPER was first officially introduced to Google, Microsoft and DELL during the conferences




KID STARTUPPER was officially released in Greece



Educational Leaders Awards, Erasmus+, Mediterranean College

KID STARTUPPER is awarded and receives its first distinctions, while at the same time it is presented to teachers of primary and secondary education in the EU (from Sweden and Germany), through the ERASMUS+ program.



Rapid growth

KID STARTUPPER is now available in many countries worldwide, such as the US and Europe but also in Asia and Oceania

Presentations and Αwards

The innovative educational platform for kids entrepreneurship KID STARTUPPER was first presented to the technology giants of Google, Microsoft, and DELL, in 2014 during the WEBIT and WEB SUMMIT conferences on new technologies. The most advanced programming languages ​​and software tools were used to create the platform (the process of design, research, construction, and tests took about 4 years). It was awarded in 2018 at the "Education Leaders Awards" held at the University of West Attica in Greece and presented at the 5th International Conference for the Promotion of Educational Innovation (EEPEK 2019).


As of September 2021, the KID STARTUPPER platform offers 2 types of accounts for students. So in addition to students using the platform to take entrepreneurship lessons at their school, it can also be used by students to take entrepreneurship lessons from their homes individually.

Evaluation And Predictions

Teachers and parents have the opportunity to evaluate both our platform and our curriculum, through the electronic forms at their disposal. Your evaluation helps us to become better and better. Please do not forget to dedicate some of your time to evaluate the educational services we provide. Our platform, both now and in the future, will continue to offer you high quality educational services. The upgrades will continue to be made in order to continuously improve our product.

Let’s grow together

KID STARTUPPER helps all schools, of all sizes, to teach entrepreneurship with complete success by achieving all educational goals. Start today and ask us to offer you a demo of how our platform works and how you can get it at your training center.