Empowering Education through Entrepreneurship

Introducing KID STARTUPPER, the pioneering interactive educational platform tailored to students aged 10-15, revolutionizing entrepreneurship education with Aristotle's 'First Principles' method. This groundbreaking platform draws inspiration from insights gleaned from esteemed global youth entrepreneurship and technology conferences, including WEBIT, Web Summit, TED Talks, and ENTREDU. Prepare your students for the challenges and opportunities of the future with KID STARTUPPER, where innovation meets education.

The platform

Kid Startupper is more than just an educational platform; it's a catalyst for unleashing children's creativity, nurturing their imagination, and honing their entrepreneurial skills. With a primary focus on teaching entrepreneurship and online business, our platform offers a structured curriculum that guides students through various course modules. Each cycle spans approximately 9 months, with a total of 5 cycles available. Students embark on a transformative journey, completing modules at their own pace while having access to the platform for a full 12 months. This immersive learning experience ensures that young minds are equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive in the ever-evolving world of business.

Our educational platform empowers children to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, where they can:

  • Discover Their Passion: Children have the opportunity to choose their "favorite profession" and immerse themselves in it for the first time.
  • Embrace Technological Innovation: They learn firsthand that modern entrepreneurship thrives on new technologies, gaining a deeper understanding of their importance in today's world.
  • Craft a Professional Identity: Through creating their first comprehensive professional portfolio, they lay the foundation for their future endeavors.
  • Embark on Entrepreneurial Ventures: Children dive into the world of entrepreneurship by launching their first digital virtual business, turning their dreams into reality.
  • Forge Collaborative Connections: By identifying dynamic executives and seeking collaborations, they learn the value of teamwork and partnership in business development.
  • Prioritize Learning and Planning: Utilizing the First Principles method, they seek knowledge and ideas before implementing their plans, ensuring a solid foundation for success.
  • Foster Ethical Understanding: They share their knowledge with classmates and engage in meaningful exchanges, nurturing a culture of ethics and integrity in their endeavors.


Our Story

The inception of our educational platform traces back to 2011, fueled by a vision to revolutionize learning. By 2014, our platform gained international recognition, gracing the stages of over three prominent conferences across Europe. Since 2017, we have remained committed to evolution, undergoing three substantial upgrades to enhance user experience and functionality. In September 2021, we took another stride forward, introducing an upgrade that enables students to seamlessly register from the comfort of their homes and embark on individual learning journeys. This continual dedication to progress underscores our mission to provide accessible and impactful education for all.


The idea was conceived




KID STARTUPPER was initially presented to Google, Microsoft, and DELL during the conferences




KID STARTUPPER was officially launched in Greece



Educational Leaders Awards, Erasmus+, Mediterranean College

KID STARTUPPER is awarded and receives its first distinctions, while also being presented to educators from primary and secondary education in EU countries (Sweden, Germany), through the ERASMUS+ program



Rapid Expansion

KID STARTUPPER is now available in multiple countries worldwide, including the USA and Europe as well as Asia and Oceania

Showcasing Achievements

In 2014, the educational platform for children's entrepreneurship, KID STARTUPPER, made its debut before industry giants such as Google, Microsoft, and DELL during the prestigious WEBIT and WEB SUMMIT conferences on cutting-edge technologies in education. Crafted using the latest programming languages and software tools, the platform underwent an exhaustive four-year journey of design, research, construction, and testing. The accolades continued in 2018 when KID STARTUPPER received recognition at the esteemed "Education Leaders Awards" and was featured at the 5th International Conference on Promoting Educational Innovation (ICPEI 2019). These milestones underscore our dedication to pioneering educational excellence and innovation.


Expanding Access to KID STARTUPPER Curriculum
As of September 2021, students can engage with the KID STARTUPPER curriculum through two distinct avenues:

1. Independent Learning from Home: Experience personalized lessons through Video-Based Learning, a modern teaching method tailored to individual progress and comprehension.
2. In-School Sessions: Delve into lessons within the classroom setting, facilitated by educators who provide guidance and support throughout the learning journey.

Empowering Feedback for Continuous Improvement

At KID STARTUPPER, we value the input of teachers and parents in assessing our platform and curriculum. Your feedback is invaluable in guiding our ongoing improvements. We invite you to dedicate a moment to evaluate the educational services we provide. Rest assured, our commitment to delivering high-quality educational services remains unwavering. As we move forward, we will persistently implement upgrades to ensure continuous enhancement of our product. Thank you for being part of our journey towards excellence in education.

Unlock Growth Together

Experience the transformative power of KID STARTUPPER, designed to empower schools of all sizes in effectively teaching entrepreneurship and achieving educational objectives. Take the first step today by requesting a demo to explore how our platform works and discover how it can elevate your educational center. Let's embark on this journey of growth together.