An innovative curriculum for your educational institution [K-12].
A curriculum for every classroom.

An easy-to-use and high-tech educational tool, to teach entrepreneurship to your school students. So easy to use that each educational institution can easily acquire it and use it.

KID STARTUPPER is an interactive online platform for teaching entrepreneurship to school students. An innovative educational tool, accompanied by a high-level curriculum. It fully defines what we call "entrepreneurship in education using new technologies".

The platform
The innovative educational platform of KID STARTUPPER was first presented to the technology giants Google, Microsoft, and DELL during the international conferences WEBIT and WEB SUMMIT for entrepreneurship and new technologies.

The design of the platform is based on knowledge and conclusions gained from international conferences (TEDTalks) and European programs on youth entrepreneurship (AgroWeb - ENTR.EDU). The most advanced programming languages and IT tools were used for the analysis, design, and implementation of our platform (the whole process of study, research, construction, and testing, took approximately 4 years). The educational platform was presented as part of the Erasmus+ Project to primary and secondary education teachers from Germany and Sweden.

- It was presented at the "5th International Conference for the Promotion of Educational Innovation".
- It's been awarded the Bronze Medal from the Education Leaders Awards 2018.

A curriculum for for every classroom [K-12]    

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