Own a business that makes a difference

Opening an entrepreneurship school requires a fair investment, and brings great rewards.

How to Structure a Partnership with KID STARTUPPER

We offer 2 different types of partnerships:

  • 1. Regional Representative
  • alternative

    You can become a representative of the KID STARTUPPER educational platform in your country. Promote our platform in the schools of your country and benefit from a collaboration that can help you grow and stand out.


  • 2. Local Representative

  • For cities with a low population: You can become our representative in your city, by opening 1 or more schools of entrepreneurship in your city.

    What we offer:

  • We give you the support of a personal manager at every stage
  • alternative

    Our managers will help you build a solid business strategy for launching your entrepreneurship school, attracting customers, and optimizing your operational processes. They will also help you quickly resolve any emerging issues or tasks.

  • We train your teachers
  • alternative

    You find teachers for teaching kids entrepreneurship, and we test and train them to make the classes really educational and interesting for the children, which increases customer lifetime value.

  • We provide marketing consultation
  • alternative

    We will share our experience in conducting advertising campaigns, both online and offline. We will provide you with visuals done in the corporate style. We will add you to our website and give you advertising materials.

Is KID STARTUPPER the right choice for you?

YES if:

you want to open your own business in education.
you believe in new technologies in education.
you want to have an educational project for children.
you want to change the future for the children in your city, or country.

Start a business in modern education

Entrepreneurship in school is the new trend in education worldwide. KID STARTUPPER offers an online educational platform for teaching entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship skills are skills of the 21st century, and KID STARTUPPER offers an online education program to teach kids entrepreneurship, from 10 to 14-15 years old. Our team consists of professionals who love children and want to make learning simple, exciting, and fun. At KID STARTUPPER, we help children to complete their steps in STEM. Our students are able to make their ideas and dreams come true. They acquire skills in critical thinking, presentation and project planning, teamwork, and more.


KID STARTUPPER offers a curriculum that includes in addition to the electronic platform, e-books, presentations, laboratory exercises, and educational material that students download exclusively to their computer. This means that lessons can be taken directly and through distance learning, if required by the school.
KID STARTUPPER offers a control panel for the administrator of each educational institution, allowing each school to manage all of its student accounts.