Research And Development (R&D)


Video on Demand Teaching System (VoDTS)

Kid Startupper has developed and continually improves an innovative internet-based automated teaching system known as the Video on Demand Teaching System (VoDTS). This system leverages Cooperative Learning and Project-Based Learning methods to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes. With VoDTS, students have the flexibility to watch video lessons at their convenience and as often as needed. After viewing the lessons, students apply their learning on the platform through guided projects, working both individually and collaboratively under the guidance of educators via video. This teaching approach offers several benefits:

1. Flexibility: Students can learn at their own pace.
2. Enhanced Learning: Continuous repetition helps internalize lesson concepts.
3. Collaboration: Students quickly see the value of working together.
4. Practical Application: Engaging in practical exercises alongside video lessons allows students to achieve lesson objectives more effectively and efficiently.

This innovative system ensures that students not only understand theoretical concepts but also apply them in real-world scenarios, making learning both comprehensive and enjoyable.

The cost of research for the development of the Video on Demand Teaching System (VoDTS), is fully covered by Kid Startupper.

Artificial Intelligence (AI Technology)

Kid Startupper's educational platform incorporates advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence coding. The platform aims to provide students with the opportunity to establish a smart business network within its framework. By analyzing the data input by students, the platform identifies their preferences and guides them in creating a tailored business network. Additionally, it evaluates their efforts to ensure optimal learning outcomes.

The research and development expenses for the AI technology are fully covered by Kid Startupper.