Research And Development (R&D)


Video on Demand Teaching System (VoDTS)

Kid Startupper has developed and continues to develop, aiming to improve, an innovative internet-based automated teaching system based on Cooperative Learning and Project-Based Learning methods.
This is the Video on Demand Teaching System (VoDTS). The student has the ability to watch the lesson in video format whenever and as many times as they want. Then, after being guided by the educator (via video), they apply what they learned on the platform, both individually and collaboratively using projects. This teaching method helps the student:

1. Have time flexibility during the learning process.
2. Easily internalize the lesson with the use of continuous repetitions.
3. The benefits and usefulness of collaboration are immediately perceived by the students.
4. Through the practical exercise performed by the student, simultaneously with the video lesson, the goals and objectives of the lesson can be achieved more easily and quickly.

The cost of research for the development of the Video on Demand Teaching System (VoDTS), is fully covered by Kid Startupper.

Artificial Intelligence (AI Technology)

The educational platform of Kid Startupper utilizes algorithms and artificial intelligence code. The platform's goal is to offer students the opportunity to create a smart business network (within the platform). The platform reads the students' preferences through the data they input and then guides them to create the appropriate business network for them, while also evaluating their efforts.

The expense of research for the development of AI Technology is entirely covered by Kid Startupper.