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Lessons are conducted in two formats:
1. Individually at your home as part of the 3-year study program, accessed through your computer via video-on-demand.
2. In schools, tutoring centers, and other educational institutions through our collaborative partnerships as part of the 5-year study program, with classroom teaching led by educators.

Certainly! You have two options:
1. Individual Enrollment: Choose the "Home-Based Learning" study package and begin our 3-year curriculum from the convenience of your home. With our automated teaching program (video-on-demand lessons), you'll progress through the program independently, without needing to attend classes at a tutoring center.
2. School Enrollment: Alternatively, enroll in one of our partnering schools, tutoring centers, after-school programs, or study centers to join our 5-year curriculum. Here, classroom instruction will be provided by educators.

Please note: Attempting to register for KID STARTUPPER without selecting one of these options will result in a basic registration request, providing no access to the platform.

The platform is optimized for desktop or laptop computers and may not be fully compatible with smartphones. However, you can use your tablet to download and read e-books or to view quizzes.

Ensuring the safety of children is our top priority. Learn more about how we maintain a high level of security for our students by clicking here.

Yes, digital format books are available for our courses. Students can download these books immediately upon accessing the platform. Additionally, we provide educational materials such as quizzes, presentations, and videos.

To begin collaborating with KID STARTUPPER, please contact us here. Upon initiating our collaboration, we will conduct teacher training sessions via video conferencing. Teachers will receive a unique code granting access to the teacher's page, where they can download lesson plans for each class.

For further assistance, feel free to contact KID STARTUPPER, or explore our blog for additional resources.
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