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KID STARTUPPER is the world's first educational platform, that teaches entrepreneurship and e-business to kids aged 10-14, using the method of the "first principles" of Aristotle. It is an educational online platform that aims to develop creativity and kids' imagination, on entrepreneurship skills. Its goal is to teach kids entrepreneurship and e-business.

Both the platform and the educational material (books, publications, etc.) were created in order to teach entrepreneurship to kids by following the method of the "first principles" of Aristotle: "To solve a problem, break it down into its parts and then break those down further, until you get to the core". While the concept of first principles was born centuries ago, it is still valid today and championed by everyone’s favorite startup mogul, Elon Musk. In fact, he applied the very idea to justify his venture into Tesla. Learn more.

An interview of Elon Musk to Kevin Rose (Foundation 20 // Elon Musk)

The goal of our platform is to help children unleash their talent and develop their entrepreneurial skills from a very young age. In addition, to discover inclinations that they may have in a particular professional field and to love things that may have been unknown to them until now.

Through this innovative educational entrepreneurship platform and our curriculum, kids will be able to:
- choose their "favorite profession" and deal with it for the first time.
- learn that entrepreneurship nowadays requires the use of new technologies and realize on their own how important this is.
- create their first "complete professional CV".
- learn to work on their favorite profession, by creating their first digital office and their own business.
- look for partnerships for the business they wish to create.
- recruit employees for their office or business.
- look for knowledge and ideas before realizing what they really want to do.
- share the knowledge they have gained and share it with their classmates (give back).

28 chapters on entrepreneurship, using our innovative educational platform. Students attend our course for 1 hour per week (55 minutes of lesson + 5 minutes for questions). Students can interact with our platform, for 7 days a week and 13 hours a day. Most of the times schools starting courses early October and finishes at the end of June. At the end of each school season and during summer, camps are organized and also taking place our entrepreneurship competition, named “Startup Hackathon for Kids”.

5-year curriculum:
- 1st year: Create your first resume. Vocational guidance. Build your business network.
- 2nd year: Create your business, promote it and build your brand name.
- 3rd year: Create your business plan, The method of "First Principles" by Aristotle. "Pitching".
- 4th year: EBusiness. The world market. Build your first e-shop.
- 5th year: Learn about "Green" entrepreneurship. Become Green.

The courses take place in educational institutions with which we work all over the world.

YES, you have the option to register on the educational platform yourself and watch the lessons via online video from your home.
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The platform is NOT suitable for smartphones. It is suitable for desktops or laptops. You can, however, use a tablet to download and read your e-books or view your quizzes.

Kids' safety is our main concern. We would never have created this platform if we weren't sure we could offer great protection. At KID STARTUPPER we have invested a lot in this. Click here to learn more

There are books and they are in digital format. Students download the books as soon as they are given access to the platform. There is also educational material such as quizzes, presentations, and a video.

Contact our managers here and ask to start your collaboration with KID STARTUPPER. Once our collaboration begins, we train your teachers through teleconferencing. We offer them a code so that they can enter the teacher's page and download the lesson plan for each lesson.

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