3rd Year Curriculum

To proceed to the 3rd year, you must have completed the 1st and 2nd years of studies.

Upon enrollment, you gain access for a whole year to:

the electronic Educational Platform
e-books for children's entrepreneurship
the e-book of professional orientation
online video courses (video-on-demand, watch the lesson as many times as you want)
online presentations
online quizzes
the Business Model Canvas

What the student will learn in the 3rd year:
- How to manage a business
- What is Aristotle's method of "First Principles" and how it applies to the business realm
- Insights into the economy and businesses – What are Startup companies

Sections and Chapters Taught in the 3rd Year:
The e-book contains 11 chapters on entrepreneurship (122 pages and can be downloaded to your tablet).

Manage Your Business

Chapter 17: Serving Consumer-Customers
Chapter 18: Security and Protection. Management of technology and IT
Chapter-19: Human Resource Management (HRM). Choosing collaborators
Chapter 20: Values and ethics. Share your experiences
The method of First Principles

Chapter-21: Entrepreneurship and Aristotle. The method of "First Principles"
Chapter 22: From TESLA and Elon Musk's SpaceX to your own business
Economy and businesses – Startups

Chapter 23: Finding financial resources for your business
Chapter 24: Thoughts and evaluations about your business
Chapter 25: Modern companies "Startups" (Facebook, Instagram, Viber, TikTok)
Chapter 26: Angel Investors and Venture Capitals. What is Pitching
Chapter 27: Creating a business plan. Case Study: School Garden
The example with the business plan for the "School Garden"
The form for the business plan

Pedagogical Value

The characteristics of individuals or groups engaged in entrepreneurship:
- Taking initiatives
- Turning any resources they have into practical applications
- Time allocation
- Risk-taking
- Continuous evaluation of progress and means
- Acceptance of failure
- Reevaluation of the course

Skills and attitudes acquired by children:
- Communication
- Adaptability
- Tolerance / breadth of mind
- Acceptance of diversity
- Collaboration
- Quick response to challenges
- Ingenuity
- Taking initiatives
- Option management

After completing the 3rd year of studies, the student will:
- Understand and be able to apply appropriate techniques for the proper management of their business.
- Know how to act to ensure the proper service of their consumer-customers.
- Know what measures to implement for the Security and Protection of their business. How to manage the new technologies of the era and IT.
- Know what Human Resource Management (HRM) is. How to proceed with the selection of their collaborators.
- Understand the importance of maintaining the Values and ethics of a business. They will be able to exchange and share their experiences in the field of entrepreneurship with other people.
- Be familiar with Aristotle's method of "First Principles," and be able to apply it to their own business.
- Know the techniques they have applied for a successful business, known names and companies, such as TESLA, SpaceX, and Netflix (Elon Musk and Reed Hastings).
- Be able to understand economic terms for businesses. How to access financial resources for their business.
- Know what Startup companies are (examples from today's life).
- Know what Angel Investors and Venture Capitals are. What is Pitching and how they should do it.
- Know how to create their business plan.

After a comprehensive study program and having completed the 3rd and final cycle, students will be better prepared compared to other children their age to decide what they really want to do in their lives and how to achieve it.