2nd Year Curriculum

To proceed to the 2nd year, you must first have completed the 1st year of studies.

Upon enrollment, you gain access for a full year to:

the electronic Educational Platform
e-books on children's entrepreneurship
the e-book on professional orientation
online video lessons (video-on-demand, watch the lesson as many times as you want)
online presentations
online quizzes
       and additionally
access to the Business Model Canvas

What will students learn in the 2nd year:
- Creating and developing a business.
- Ways to market the products or services of the business to the market.
- Promoting the business.

Units and Chapters taught in the 2nd year of studies:
The e-book contains 8 chapters on entrepreneurship (74 pages and can be downloaded to your tablet).

Create your business

Chapter 9: The importance of pursuing what you love in business
Chapter 10: Introduction to developing a business

Use the Business Model Canvas

Chapter-11: Location, design, and operating hours of the business
Chapter 12: Distribution of products and services to the market
Chapter-13: The right "Marketing" for your products or services
Chapter 14: Create a page to showcase your business
Chapter 15: Manage - Edit your business page
Chapter 16: Promote the products and services of your business

Pedagogical Value

The characteristics of individuals or groups engaged in entrepreneurship:
- Taking initiatives
- Transforming any resources they have into practical applications
- Time management
- Taking risks
- Continuous evaluation of progress and means
- Acceptance of failure
- Redefining the course

Skills and attitudes gained by children:
- Communication
- Adaptability
- Tolerance / open-mindedness
- Acceptance of diversity
- Collaboration
- Quick response to challenges
- Ingenuity
- Taking initiatives
- Option management

At the end of the 2nd year of studies, students will:
- Understand the value of acting entrepreneurially on something they truly love. Students learn to "turn their hobby into a profession."
- Know basic concepts related to developing a business. What are products and what are services. Exactly what the business they dream of creating will offer. They will be able to seek and find ways to properly name their business.
- Be able to determine, through a series of correct steps, the location, design of the space, and operating hours of their business.
- Know what "market" means. How to find their market and how to grow it. They will understand what "competition" means and how to act to overcome it.
- Know what a business canvas is and how to use it for the proper design and development of their business.
- Through the interactive platform of Kid Startupper, they will create their business online for the first time and see firsthand what it's like to run a business project.

Completing the 2nd cycle of studies, students can move on to the next, considerably more challenging but very interesting final cycle. There they will learn the "First Principles" method of Aristotle used by entrepreneurial geniuses like Elon Musk and Reed Hastings. Then they will learn about the new "STARTUP" businesses and the secrets of the entrepreneurs who created TESLA, NETFLIX, FACEBOOK, KFC. In the end, students will be ready to pitch, present their business plan, and seek funding for their business.