1st Year Curriculum

start at the age of 10, 11, 12, or maximum 13 years old.

Upon your registration, you gain access for 1 entire year:

to the electronic Educational Platform
to e-books for children's entrepreneurship
to the e-book of professional orientation
to online video lessons (video-on-demand watch the lesson as many times as you want)
to online presentations
to online quizzes

What will the student learn in the 1st year:
- Introduction to professional orientation
- Creating a curriculum vitae (CV)
- Creating an entrepreneurial network - Using social networks in entrepreneurship

Units and chapters taught in the 1st year of studies:
The e-book contains the first 8 basic chapters on entrepreneurship (90 pages, download it to your tablet).

Introduction to entrepreneurship and the educational platform of Kid Startupper

Chapter 1: Introduction to entrepreneurship and Kid Startupper
Chapter 2: Doing business with the help of the educational platform

Professional field (guidebook)

Chapter-3: My first steps in the Kid Startupper educational platform
Chapter 4: Familiarity with the environment of the educational platform

Internet and entrepreneurship

Chapter-5: Social networks. Their relationship with the Kid Startupper platform
Chapter 6: Connection of students who like to do business
Chapter 7: Cooperation among students who want to do business
Chapter 8: Searching for partners to create a project using Kid Startupper

Pedagogical Value

The characteristics of individuals or groups involved in entrepreneurship:
- Taking initiatives
- Conversion of any resources they have into practical applications
- Time allocation
- Taking risks
- Continuous evaluation of progress and means
- Acceptance of failure
- Redefining the path

Skills and attitudes gained by children:
- Communication
- Adaptability
- Tolerance / open-mindedness
- Acceptance of diversity
- Cooperation
- Quick response to challenges
- Ingenuity
- Taking initiatives
- Option management

After completing the 1st year of studies, the student:
- will fully understand and be able to accurately describe the concepts of "doing business, business, entrepreneur"
- will be able to recognize a business idea and be able to handle it correctly (Think - Decide - Act)
- will understand the value and contribution of new technologies to entrepreneurship
- will understand the importance of collaboration in the field of entrepreneurship
- will have studied cases of children who tried their favorite idea and will be able to think and decide for their own entrepreneurial step
- will create their first entrepreneurial-professional resume
- will discover the role and power of social networks in the development of an entrepreneurial project and will know how to use them to their advantage
- will be able to create business contacts and connections, aiming at the development and expansion of their entrepreneurial network
- will be well prepared to participate in the next 2nd year of studies, where they will create their business, promote it, and apply online what they dreamed of

After completing the 1st year of studies, students can enroll in the 2nd year, which is more challenging but quite interesting. In the 2nd year of studies, they will learn mainly how to proceed from their idea to the creation of their business and then to the promotion of their products or services.