5-Year Curriculum Program


Students can start at the age of 10, 11, 12, or maximum 13 years old.

After their registration, your students will have access to:

the electronic educational platform (interactive platform)
the electronic book on entrepreneurship + Business Model Canvas
the electronic professional orientation book
online presentations
online quizzes


What your students will learn in the 1st year:
- Professional Orientation
- Creating a Curriculum Vitae (CV)
- Building an Entrepreneurial Network - Using Social Media

What your students will learn in the 2nd year:
- Creating and Developing a Business.
- How to promote their products/services in the market

What your students will learn in the 3rd year:
- How to manage a business.
- What is Aristotle's "First Principles" method and how it applies to the business world.
- Economics and Entrepreneurship - What are startups?

Optionally: Additionally, 2 more years of study are available:

4th year - Your students will learn about e-commerce (how to create their own online store).
5th year - Your students will learn about green entrepreneurship (how to become "green and stay green" - Green Entrepreneurship).

Pedagogical Value

As educators, we are obliged to offer opportunities to every child:

- To create something out of nothing
- To see opportunities when others see the impossible and chaos
- To socialize in groups satisfying their own abilities and recognizing the talents of others
- To know and express how they will act especially in difficult situations
- To learn to save their money especially when they need it most
- To work smart

Characteristics of individuals or groups engaged in entrepreneurship:

- Taking initiatives
- Converting any resources they have into practical applications
- Time allocation
- Taking risks
- Continuous evaluation of progress and means
- Acceptance of failure
- Reassessing the course

Skills and attitudes acquired by children: Communication:
- Adaptability
- Tolerance / open-mindedness
- Acceptance of diversity
- Collaboration
- Quick response to challenges
- Ingenuity
- Taking initiatives
- Decision-making skills

Upon completion of the studies, the student will::

Fully understand and be able to describe the concepts of business, entrepreneurship, and entrepreneur.
Be able to recognize what a business idea is and manage it correctly (Think - Decide - Do).
Understand the value and contribution of new technologies to entrepreneurship.
Understand the value of collaboration in the field of entrepreneurship.
Study cases of children who have tried their favorite idea.
Create their first full resume.
Know the role and power of social networks in the development of a business project.
Be able to create business contacts and connections with the aim of expanding their business network.
Be adequately prepared to participate in the next lesson, where they will create their business.


Understand the value of entrepreneurial activity in something they truly love. Students learn to "turn their hobby into a profession."
Know the basic concepts for developing a business. What will be the products or services of the business. They will be able to search and find ways to acquire the right name for their business.
Be able to determine the location, layout, and operating hours of their business.
Be able to identify "the market" for their business and know how to develop it. They will understand what "competition" means and how to act to overcome it.
Know what "Marketing" is and how to organize proper "Marketing" for their business. How to package products, set prices for products or services, and advertise them.
Know what the business model canvas is and how to use it for proper planning and development of their business.
Create their business online for the first time and see it in practice.


Understand and be able to apply the appropriate techniques for the proper management of their business.
Know how to act to ensure proper customer service.
Know what measures to implement for the safety and protection of their business. How to manage new technologies and IT.
Know what Human Resource Management (HRM) is. They will know how to select collaborators.
Understand the importance of having "values" and "ethics" in a business. They will also be able to share their business experiences with other people.
Understand Aristotle's "First Principles" method and be able to apply the method to their own business. They will know about the techniques applied in successful businesses such as TESLA, SpaceX, and Netflix (Elon Musk and Reed Hastings).
Know economic terms for businesses. How to access financial resources for their business.
Know what Startup companies are (examples from today's life).
Know what Angel Investors and Venture Capitals are. What is Pitching and how to do it.
Know how to create their business plan.
Know the basic steps of e-commerce.
Know about green entrepreneurship.