We invest in knowledge and education.

Our primary concern is to provide our students with high-level education programs in kids entrepreneurship, as well as targeted-innovative educational services in the field of new technologies. To achieve this, we are constantly upgrading our platform as well as our education material. Our material consists of 2 books (250-page basic book with 28 chapters on kids entrepreneurship and 1 guidebook for informing children about available fields in industry) plus 1 form in pdf (business canvas).

What our educational program can offer:

28 entrepreneurship lessons using our innovative platform. Kids attend our course for 1 hour per week (55 minutes lesson + 5 minutes for questions). Kids have access to our platform for 7 days a week and for 13 hours a day. Courses start in early October and comes to an end, around the middle of June. At the end of each school season, summer CAMPS are running. We are hosting also the big nationwide entrepreneurship competition, named “Startup Hackathon for Kids”.

What will students have learned, when they will have completed this course:

Through this innovative educational platform and our educational material, kids will be able:
- to choose their "favorite profession" and get into it for the first time.
- to learn that entrepreneurship nowadays requires the use of new technologies and to realize how important this is.
- to create their first CV.
- to work on their favorite profession by creating their first digital office, business or company.
- to look for partnerships for the business that they wish to create.
- to seek and find employees for their business.
- to search for knowledge and ideas before deciding what they really want to do.
- to share the knowledge they have gained and to share it with their classmates.

Aim of our platform is to help children expand their talent and showing their entrepreneurial skills from a very young age. Moreover to discover new interests and also to love things that might not have been known to them until now.

We are constantly investing in our scientific and educational staff:

We are constantly investing in the education and training of our teachers, as well as in implementing innovative practices. That's why the writers of our books attending global conferences on entrepreneurship and new technologies. Our platform was designed after KID STARTUPPER participated in world congresses on youth entrepreneurship and new technologies.

First Participation

WEBIT CONFERENCE. European, Asian, Middle Eastern and African Congress on youth entrepreneurship, startups and new technologies in education. Our platform was presented to Microsoft Ventures CEO and to the associate of "Wellington partners".

Second Participation

WEB SUMMIT. (Annual technology conference considered the largest tech event in the world). KIDSTARTUPPER participated in a Google workshop and then was presented to Mr. Luigi Lenguito "DELL Computers Inc." (Sales Director for Information Management EMEA). Kid Startupper was also visited by: Ms. Celine Parchet (TWITTER client partner), Mr. Karthik B. Reddy, CEO of BLUME VENTURES, FENOX Venture Capital (Dubai) Mr. Kamal Hassan.

Third Participation

ENTREDU - Entrepreneurship in education.
A workshop held by INTRASOFT, SIVECO, INSEAD , and attended by teachers and schools. The main conclusion of the conference was the recognition of the necessity to create a business platform for all students. Learn more.

Forth Participation

ERASMUS E.U. (innovation in education) - Teaching entrepreneurship in schools. The course was held in Palermo, Italy. Kid Startupper was presented to primary and secondary school teachers from Germany, and also to university professors from Sweden. Both our platform and our educational material (books etc.) were presented. "First principles"method of Aristotle, was also referred and explained, because it is the method that our platform uses in order to teach kids entrepreneurship.

A brief presentation is available here


KID STARTUPPER meets the Mediterranean College of Thessaloniki.
Presentation of Kid Startupper's innovative educational platform at the Mediterranean College of Thessaloniki (Greece).

Education Leaders Awards

KID STARTUPPER getting an award at the Education Leaders Awards.
KID STARTUPPER was awarded the "Youth Entrepreneurship" award.

Kids Entrepreneurship Workshop

Workshop of KID STARTUPPER, in a cooperation with the "International University of Kavala" with the "Children's University" .

kidstartupper.com is an award-winning platform of that aims to develop children's creativity, imagination and craftsmanship in the field of entrepreneurship. The goal of the workshop is to introduce kids to entrepreneurship and especially to e-business. We thank the "University of Kavala" and the "Children's University".

5th International Conference for the Promotion of Educational Innovation

Kid Startupper was presented at the 5th International Conference for the Promotion of Educational Innovation. The conference is organized by the Scientific Association for the Promotion of Educational Innovation (E.E.P.E.K.) in collaboration with the University of Thessaly, the University of Peloponnese. The Conference is supported by the French Institute of Larissa - the French Embassy in Greece, the U.S. Embassy in Greece, the Greek Physicists Union, the Panhellenic Association of Graduates of Geoinformatics and Topography Engineering, the Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary education of Thessaly and it is under the auspices of Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.

See the presentation (available only in Greek)..