This platform would never have been designed if we weren't sure we could protect all of our students in the highest grade (our surveys on the safety issues took about 4 years).

How we do achieve this:

We are constantly investing in new partnerships in the field of internet security.
We recently started our partnership with McAfee company. Our main concern is the protection and safety of children and the data they exchange within our platform.. That's why we used the most advanced computing tools and high-level code in order to create Kid Startupper.

All transactions on our site are protected by https 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption. McAfee SECURE provides continuous checks to prevent the existence of malware, malicious links and phishing.

Our platform is accessible only to students who attend the course and also to teachers who teach the courses. Both our students and our teachers are certified one by one before they are licensed and given access. In order for our students to be given access, they need parental consent.

Anyone attempting to sign up on our platform by himself, cannot access our system (it's just like submitting a simple registration request). Teachers controls the data that children exchange within our platform, and students have access for as long as the course is in progress.

Children are NOT allowed to upload their own photos, so we protect them from exposing themselves and their image. All data uploaded by children within our platform are removed from our system at the end of the course.

Our servers are located in one of the most advanced U.S. Data Centers and contain last generation security certificates and protocols.

Our platform allows students to log in and use it from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m.. It then shuts off automatically, so that children cannot use it at times during which they need to rest.

Students may upload links on our platform, but these links are controlled every day by educators. KidStartupper has an automated logout system process, so if students forget to log out from the system, this process will automatically logged them out (takes about 25 minutes).

Bullying is strictly prohibited and if a student's attitude found to be abusive, the student is automatically expelled from the system.